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6 Months Gluten-Free.

It’s official - WOAH, it feels longer than that! I am nowhere near a gluten-free professional yet, but I have learned some things throughout the process that others can relate to -

  1. Few people understand what gluten really is. My Dad (bless his heart), asks me all the time if I can eat pizza if he gets a “thinner” crust. I think that awareness has improved and there are tons of gluten-free options out there, but still there is a huge misunderstanding of what gluten is, does, and which products contain it.

  2. Oatmeal - Even though oatmeal is naturally “gluten-free”, in most cases it is still processed in the same vicinity as gluten-rich products. Purchasing regular oatmeal still caused me to have breakouts due to the high amounts of gluten in the product. I started buying “certified gluten-free” and these reactions stopped. Who would've thought "gluten-free" oatmeal would be so much more expensive?

  3. SEASONINGS - There is hidden gluten everywhere - my most recent discovery is taco seasoning. Not a huge deal because many of these can be recreated to be gluten-free but something to keep in mind.

  4. People think having a gluten-intolerance is made up and eating gluten-free is "trendy". Unfortunately, this can be a little annoying at times. Why do people care so much about what others eat, anyway?!

  5. I still miss flour tortillas. I used to love wraps. I used to love chimichangas and tacos on flour shells. ANYTHING WITH A FLOUR TORTILLA. And unfortunately, this is something I haven’t found a decent gluten-free replacement for. Suggestions are needed!

  6. There are a ton of great gluten-free substitutes… And some not so good substitutes. In fact, some of the different products I have tried are really bad. It blows my mind how these things get out onto the market! Trial and error along with suggestions from other gluten-free peeps, really helps!

Being gluten-free has been a learning curve, but I’m happy I finally decided to stick to it. I don’t break out in rashes anymore, I feel MUCH less bloated, my stomach rarely hurts, and it’s TONS easier to say no to all the gluten-rich foods I used to love. I had a very hard time giving it all up in the first place. In fact, it took me three years to finally commit - PROGRESS! Hopefully, 2017 will bring me more knowledge on the lifestyle and tons more delicious recipes!

***Scroll below to view my top 3 FAVORITE gluten-free dishes I've added to the Glasses Goes Gluten-Free blog so far and a couple pics of myself :) CHEERS!