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Roots & Fruits.

Weekends are for relaxing, detoxing, and revamping (....and Netflix binging - my favorite hobby). There’s no better way to do this than making yourself a nutrient-rich breakfast and actually enjoying your mornings.

The juicing and smoothie trend is still in full effect but I am just going to say it… I am NOT into the new “smoothie bowl” idea - I have a hard time with this new concept. However, I AM all about a delicious and nutritious raw juice or smoothie! Some are packed with natural sugars and no matter the sugar source, too much isn’t the best for you. I try to balance out my drinks with at least a few vegetables to provide a variety of vitamins and minerals but also to mellow out the sweetness.

Beets were one of my favorite vegetables as a kid but as an adult, I rarely eat them. I want to get back into the habit of incorporating different vegetables (besides the regs - broccoli, cauliflower, etc) like beets back into my diet and juicing and smoothie making is a super easy way to do this. When making any juice or smoothie, there is no need to peel most of your fruits or vegetables since the peels will contain fiber, antioxidants, and other goodies - (....Just make sure you have a good piece of machinery to blend it all together) Experiment with different combinations to figure out what you like best. Here is one that I made this weekend. Recipe for ROOTS & FRUITS juice below!

**WARNING - I doubled this recipe using my 48 ounce Vitamix blender and it overflowed! OOPS! See @glassesglutenfree Instagram page for the overflow aftermath.

Root & Fruit Raw Juice

Makes 2 - 12-16 ounce drinks depending on the size of your produce


1 beet, halved

1 carrot, halved

1 large handful of spinach or kale

1 1/2 cups water

1/2 lemon, juiced

½ cup frozen mixed berries

¼ cup frozen pineapple

½ small apple, halved (no need to peel!)

½ banana

1 scoop of your favorite protein (optional - you may need to use more water depending on your protein)


Blend first 4 ingredients together until greens are well combined. Add remaining ingredients and blend for a second time.

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