Hola everyone! My name is Emily and I am OBSESSED. WITH. DELICIOUS. EATS. I enjoy a good authentic Mexican restaurant (accompanied with an ice cold marg on the rocks + chips and queso) and basically ANYTHING fried - pretty much your average Midwest gal. Unfortunately, I was told not too long ago that I had an intolerance to gluten - which presents an issue since I am a culinary teacher and happen to be around gluten-rich foods on a daily basis.


Since going gluten-free, I've found that many recipes have ingredients that I had never heard of OR ingredients that aren't readily available where I live! I am very much a "Meat & Potatoes" kind of gal and I like to keep things simple. My hope for the Glasses Goes Gluten-Free blog is to simplify gluten-free recipes and turn all of my old favorites into my NEW GLUTEN-FREE favorites. 


I've made it a goal to test out at least one gluten-free recipe  each week - Hope you ENJOY!

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